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The Road God Travels

Dear Woodview friends and family,

In my "get focused" time this morning, as I was reading from the psalms, I came across this verse -- "And how blessed all those in whom you live, whose lives become roads you travel..." (Ps. 84:5  The Message).  The way this is written caught me up caused me to think in a way I'd never really thought before.

Psalm 84 is a pilgrimage psalm...meaning that it is written about traveling to the Temple in Jerusalem to worship God on one of the High Holy Days.  The author talks about how he wishes he lived in the Temple so he could abide in the presence of God.  And he talks about how the trip to worship is long and hot and dry...but that as they travel their joy increases and their hearts are encouraged because they are coming into the presence of the Lord.

But here is what struck me -- the way I usually think of my life is that I seek to follow God, to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, to go where He wants me to go so that I am following Him and dependent on Him.  Now, while all of that is absolutely true, the phrasing of this verse in The Message causes me to pause and see things in a different way that is also true.  What this verse is saying is that my life is actually the road God travels!  

While God is in no way limited by me or dependent on me (after all, He is all-powerful, all-knowing, and omni-present), what Scripture shows is that God chooses to work through me.  So, where I go becomes where God goes...what I say becomes the words God uses to communicate...what I do becomes the way people are exposed to God.  I become His road...His path.  And if I allow that thought to saturate through me then everything I do and say takes on a holiness.

When I was very young I was taught the song:  Be careful little eyes what you see, oh be careful little eyes what you see; 'Cause the Father up above is looking down in love, so be careful little eyes what you see.  And then there was a verse about what ears hear, and what hands do, and what tongues say.  There's some good theology in that children's song!  

So I am reminded today...and I'm reminding you -- as a follower of Jesus your words become the words of God, your steps become the road God travels, your actions become God's selfie.

So looking forward to this Sunday!  It is going to be a great day!  Worship through music and praise, prayer, communion, and starting a new series called, "6 Keys to Healthy Relationships".  I can't wait and hope you will be here!  

In Christ,

Jon B. Stradtner