Archaeologists and the Church of the Apostles

Archaeologists and the Church of the Apostles

Dear Woodview friends and family,

Archaeologists believe they have uncovered the Church of the Apostles.  This church is first mentioned in writings from 725 A.D. and it is believed that this church was built on top of the house of the apostles and brothers Peter and Andrew.

The excavation has uncovered ornate mosaic floors, a fragment of a marble chancel screen decorated with a wreath, and a wall mosaic with the glass pieces gilded in gold -- all indicating that this was a large and magnificent church.

In addition to the remnants of the church, the dig also revealed the remains of a private home from the Roman period including not only the floor and structure, but pottery, coins, fishing net weights, and a cooking oven.  The archaeologists then used electromagnetic sensors on the ground and a drone to discover many more houses buried underground.

I share this because it is important for several reasons.  First, if this really is the Church of the Apostles, it is another strong evidence of the growth and regard Christianity soon had in and around the land of Jesus.  If this really is the Church of the Apostles and it was built on the home of Peter and Andrew, then we have discovered the location of the ancient city of Bethsaida.  And, if we have discovered Bethsaida and there are more ruins to excavate, who knows what else will be found?  But, every archaeological discovery affirms the Bible's accuracy; helps us understand the time, place, and culture of the Bible; and should affirm our faith as believers.

I hope you will celebrate Jesus with us this Sunday!  

In Christ,

Jon B. Stradtner